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Guild Rules

Guild Rules

This page is a work in progress. But the overall concept of our rules are explained here.


Greetings! The Bandits is a casual raiding guild that is committed to progressing through current raid tiers, while still leaving time for family. Please read the rules below for some more information on how our guild works.

Admissions Requirements

There are currently no requirements for admission to TB. See below for raid slot requirements.

Guild Ranks, Responsibilities, and Privileges

  1. Punk
  2. The trial rank. All people accepted into the guild will start on this rank until we have had a chance to get to know you and evaluate you. We are not necessarily looking at your leveling/raiding/class performance. Focus will be on your behaviour, language, and attitude. Registration to the guild website (on your main toon only) is a requirement for promotion.
  3. Hustler
  4. This rank is for members/toons that have not reached level 110 but have met all other requirements for promotion.
  5. Outlaw
  6. Once you reach level 110 you are eligible for promotion to this rank. Further progression past this point requires demonstrating to the officers that you have something to offer to the guild. See the next few ranks for details. (Note: Asking for promotions is not a good way of demonstrating :P)
  7. Vigilante
  8. When you reach this rank it means you have started to make a good impression. You are fitting in with the guild. You've successfully demonstrated your capability in raids. You are demonstrating skill in your class.
  9. Brigand
  10. This rank is where it all really starts! You've moved on from Heroics and have current T gear. Here you have demonstrated your ability to contribute competitive DPS/Healing/Tanking in a raid group. You are now an expert in your class.
  11. Gangster
  12. When you reach this rank it is because you are now considered a core member of our raiding force! You are consistently delivering top-tier DPS, or excellent awareness as a tank, or excellent HPS and awareness as a healer. You have almost completely mastered your class, and have begun to learn the abilities of other classes. You are participating in the guild forums and discussions.
  13. Vanquisher
  14. This is the highest non-officer rank. You have fully mastered your class and are capable and willing to teach others how to perform like you do. You have a great deal of knowledge about other classes and their abilities, and how they can benefit the raid. You are willing to step in and lead a raid when others are not available.
  15. Capo
  16. This is reserved for a guild member that the offices and I think have performed outstandingly or contributed to the guild in a special way.
  17. Underboss
  18. These guys are your guild officers. They contribute heavily to the focus and direction of the guild. They are responsible for a number of tasks in the guild leadership. They are always willing to hear your concerns and should be your first point of contact if you have an issue in the guild. The guild officers are to respected at all times. (There are currently no available officer positions. We will make an announcement if/when an opening occurs.)
  19. The Don
  20. Well that's me... Krag. Ultimately I try to lead this guild by relying heavily on the opinions of my officers, and guildies of course. :) I am more then willing to discuss any ideas/problems you may have. I believe in this guild as a place we can all come and have fun.

Code of Conduct

  1. Treat other players, including both guild and non-guild members, with respect.
  2. No hateful speech or harassment, either via chat, emote, or vent. No exceptions. Mild discussions of adult situations, vulgarity, etc. is fine, as is sarcasm/ribbing, but don't cross the line, and be prepared to knock it off if asked. (Swearing is heavily discouraged. The occasional slip-up will be tolerated but, I would prefer no swearing at all)
  3. Honesty in all transactions. Do not rip people off.
  4. No begging. This includes requests for gold, excessive mats, or powerleveling. Requests for assistance with quests/instances, small amounts of mats, offers of trades, etc. are completely fine and encouraged. If you are not sure whether something constitutes begging, ask an officer.
  5. Proper behaviour when in a group/raid--follow the rules set by the group/raid leader. Loot ninjas, intentional group wipers, etc. will not be tolerated.
  6. Loot etiquette--follow the rules set by the raid leader. If an item drops that is a small upgrade for you but a large upgrade for another guild member, please pass.
  7. AFK etiquette--WoW is a game, and real life takes priority. If you need to go AFK, please just let us know so we can wait/find a replacement.
  8. Violators of the Code of Conduct will be disciplined by the GM/officers. Punishments include warnings, demotion, or dismissal from the guild.
  9. In summary--have fun, don't interfere with the fun of others, and you'll be fine.

Guild Bank FAQ

  1. How much do I pay for items in the guild bank? - Well apart from the "For Sale" tab there is no set price on all the other items in the guild bank. This includes the flasks and potions. However, there are a few guidelines that should be followed.
    • Consumables from the guild bank should be used during guild runs only. If you are pugging or doing your own thing then please buy your own flasks. (Or provide mats to a guild member and ask them to make them for you)
    • Consumables do not magically appear in the bank. Some of our loyal and very generous guild members consistently replenish the guild bank stocks. They do *NOT* get paid guild gold to do this. This means that you should make a donation to the guild bank when withdrawing consumables as a token of appreciation. Half the AH price would be considered appropriate.

Scheduling/Raid Attendance

Schedules will be done using this site calendar system. Anyone wishing to raid queues their toon by Monday night and the officers will approve the raiding team and load invites in the the game calendar ready for the mass invite at 8:45 PM. Guild members are free to join other guilds/PUG's for raids that are not scheduled...try to represent TB well! On raid nights, please log in at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled raid start time . Slots will be filled by guild rank, though the raid leader is free to modify this based on gear/skill/class balance for raid.
If we have too many people, the officer/raid leader will determine who will go. Do not be upset if you are not selected; we will make every effort to rotate people to give everyone a chance. However, we will not rotate too many people, if we feel the raid will fail as a result.
Things that will help you get a raid slot:
  1. A commitment to improve your performance in raids (and subsequent improvement) This includes gearing up via instances/crafting/purchasing off AH, bringing and using the proper consumables, ensuring you are appropriately specced, being on time/repaired/stocked, studying to see what the best tanking/dps/healing rotations are for your class, etc.
  2. A good attitude
  3. Being on Mumble

Likewise, there are several things that will hurt your chances at a slot:
  1. Not showing up/no message after acceptance of an raid invite
  2. Lack of improvement in play, after receiving correction
  3. A bad attitude
  4. Not being on Mumble

Loot Rules

Currently, all superiors/epics in raids will be master looted, and those that desire the item will /roll. Primary (non-alts) specs will roll first; than can be rolled for off-specs; if no-one wants for off-spec, will be DE'd and shards sent to guild bank. (If no enchanter, all will roll for vendor.) BoE's will go to guild bank.

Bottom line: Goal is fair distribution of loot to ensure everyone has a chance to upgrade their character, who makes them happy and makes the guild stronger, and gives us a better chance to complete content. Every minute we spend arguing is one we're not raiding.

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